Clark’s First Job.

Many comic fans don’t know this, but before he was a mild-mannered reporter, Martha Kent’s little boy made a good living… as a blackmailer.

He still gets checks from that particular Senator

From Action comics #1.

The LoShH Fashion Show Finale: The Swimsuit Competition.

Let's wrap up our fashion show with a look at what the well-dressed 30th Century teenages is wearing.

Our first contestant is Tasmia "Shadow Lass" Mallor. This Talokian Tease was the first Legionnaire to wear beachwear into combat. let's have a looksee, shall we?

Next up is that regal lady, Princess Projectra.

I actually do like this design, but its noteworthy for being one of the first, if not the first of the LoSH costumes that look like they were ordered from Fredricks of Winath.

This leaves us with the one you've all been waiting for... Saturn Girl's infamous pink bathing suit!

While very popular, I have to ask....

Are Titanians immune to extremes of temperature? Because I always thought space was supposed to be cold!

That's it for the fashion critiques for a while folks. Have a great weekend.

Casual X-Raying.

It’s not the first time Superman casually X-rays another male and it won’t be the last, so that doesn’t surprise me.

The fact that Ultra Boy would rather check out Clark than Lana? Yeah, that took me by surprise.

Best Friends 4 Ever!

You know, the Legion of Superheroes are really cool. Where else can a teenager like Superboy hang out with kids with powers like himself, go on wacky adventures, get trapped to die a slow lingering death…

Wow. Apparently torture of prisoners is legal in the 30th Century.