January 11th, 2006

Follow Up On Color Kid!

Remember how yesterday I commented on the rejection of Color Kid from the LoSH? How he got the brush-off and was sent to the Subs?

Well, a short while later I bet B5 was kicking himself:

How amazingly useful is that?

Never mind that someone with the ability to alter the visible spectrum would not actually be able to effect the actual radiation emitted by Krptonite. Forget the terrible science.

How many times has Superboy been jobbed due to Green K?

Now imagine that you reject someone who has the power to alter Kryptonite.

Man, I bet Superboy kicked someone’s butt later.

Simce Today's Post Was "spoiled"....

Since today's original post was given away in the comments, I decided to post a second.

Ready for a blast from the past?

Does anyone remember this?

The BQ Test!

(BQ = Brotherhood Quotent)

This test frightens me. It really does.

Mainly because “Jews”, “Negros” and “Catholics” are on the same like/dislike test as “alligators” and “spiders”.

“Well, I do hate me some spiders, but not as much as one of them Jews!”