TypoLad (typolad) wrote,

This One’s Just Painful.

Imagine if David Duke came out with a children's book featuring an African-American protagonist....

Roy “Girls are Stooopid” Thomas presents a book where the female Avengers are manipulated by a militant feminist, in one of the most painful to read stories ever

(I'm not saying Roy Thomas is quite on that level, but this book doesn't help argue that he ain't!)

In a rare examination of actual content, the story goes like this - The female Avengers, plus then non-member Black Widow, are convinced by The Valiryke (Not the one from The Defenders - they just look alike) that they need to replace The Avengers because they are men and are therfore unfit.

Because yes, that is what feminism is all about.

(Although one could argue that Clint and Pietro deserved it, at least.)
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