Bonus Post: Asleep at the Switch.

For some odd reason,I love this one.

Bruce Wayne hears gunfire and leaps into the limo to get in costume…

…but he puts on Superman’s costume.

Really. The top half of the page is Superman elsewhere. For some reason, the artist decided Bruce would put on big blue’s costume.

Top of the next page, he’s in his own threads.

I dunno, maybe it’s Hypertime.

Or maybe I'm just a geek.


In other news, I was talking to a friend last night and he got an odd look on his face. When I asked him what was up he told me that he just realized I could have used the computers he was given that day. However, since he could not think of anyone, he decided to have some fun with a sledghammer.

One of them was a one year old G5 tower.

What was he thinking?

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

In an odd costuming moment, Duo Damsel retains her full body costume the entire time she’s a member of the Legion, and then starts showing up in peek-a-boo outfits once she’s married and off the team.

How can you not love a comic where a woman gets in a catfight with herself?

Simce Today's Post Was "spoiled"....

Since today's original post was given away in the comments, I decided to post a second.

Ready for a blast from the past?

Does anyone remember this?

The BQ Test!

(BQ = Brotherhood Quotent)

This test frightens me. It really does.

Mainly because “Jews”, “Negros” and “Catholics” are on the same like/dislike test as “alligators” and “spiders”.

“Well, I do hate me some spiders, but not as much as one of them Jews!”

Follow Up On Color Kid!

Remember how yesterday I commented on the rejection of Color Kid from the LoSH? How he got the brush-off and was sent to the Subs?

Well, a short while later I bet B5 was kicking himself:

How amazingly useful is that?

Never mind that someone with the ability to alter the visible spectrum would not actually be able to effect the actual radiation emitted by Krptonite. Forget the terrible science.

How many times has Superboy been jobbed due to Green K?

Now imagine that you reject someone who has the power to alter Kryptonite.

Man, I bet Superboy kicked someone’s butt later.

The Legion is Messed Up, You Know?

Wait, so they’re rejects, but they do fine work?

Admit it Braniac 5, the only reason you guys don’t take the Subs seriously is you don’t want to admit that you made a mistake not taking them.

Oh and if I were on a team that included Matter-Eater Lad and Bouncing Boy, I sure as heck wouldn’t be throwing any stones…

This One’s Just Painful.

Imagine if David Duke came out with a children's book featuring an African-American protagonist....

Roy “Girls are Stooopid” Thomas presents a book where the female Avengers are manipulated by a militant feminist, in one of the most painful to read stories ever

(I'm not saying Roy Thomas is quite on that level, but this book doesn't help argue that he ain't!)

In a rare examination of actual content, the story goes like this - The female Avengers, plus then non-member Black Widow, are convinced by The Valiryke (Not the one from The Defenders - they just look alike) that they need to replace The Avengers because they are men and are therfore unfit.

Because yes, that is what feminism is all about.

(Although one could argue that Clint and Pietro deserved it, at least.)

LoSHFS: You Tell Me:

What do you call it when you put a Native American girl in a skimpy fringed outfit and give her the power of “super-tracking”?

Would you call that tokenism?

Oh Dawny-baby, don’t be that way!

It is Jim MacQuarrie’s opinion that there are several 40 year old men with a Native American fetish thanks to LoSH.

Here’s a close up -

Why is “Gypsys Tramps & Thieves” running through my head now?

Oh and for the record? Her outfits only get worse:

Classic Kid Flash

Our story starts as three kids find out that Wally West is Kid Flash.


You see, they’re handicapped. One kid is deaf, one is blind, and one is mute. In comic books, this means all their other senses are intensified, which makes them catch Wally’s little “tells”.

Wait a minute…

That third kid seems pretty chatty for a mute, don't he?