Not How I’d Describe Barry Allen.

The Flash, a swinger?


It sort of does explain all those long vacations with Hal and Carol or Sue and Ralph. Always to some secluded location with no-one else around.

Heck, it even explains why Carol never questioned Hal and Barry vanishing for long stretches of time: she was “busy” and assumed they were too.

The Best Flash Cover of All Time.

Honestly, the Flash may have some of the best covers ever, especially early on. Rarely do I see one that does not make me say “What the? Okay, this I gotta read!”

Then there’s this…

As Scott Shaw! Of Oddball Comics points out, how exactly does “being turned into a puppet” feel? Also, why doesn’t Barry see what’s happening to him? Furthermore, did the people involved not know the difference between a puppet and a marionette?

That said, this comic gets cool points for one major reason.

Unlike many DC covers of the era, which exist to make you want to buy the comic but have no bearing on what is inside, this scene actually appears in the comic

The Flash was always that exposition-happy, in case you were wondering.

LoSHFS – Tyroc and Roll.

LoSH # 216 will always hold a special place in my heart.

You see, that’s the issue where someone apparently realized that in the several decades since the Legion showed up, there basically had been an utter absence of anyone in the comic who was not Caucasian (No, green and blue do not count) Karate Kid was eventually revealed to be bi-racial, but that came much later.

So in issue 216, we learned about the island of Mazal and it’s champion… Tyroc.

Brain. Go. Boom.

Ignoring the fact that in the 30th century, every Black person on Earth apparently lived on this one tiny island (which was also the case on Krypton, oddly enough), or his amazingly ill defined powers (he yelled and stuff happened), there’s that costume!

The chest!

The chains!

The pixie boots!

The boots are my favorite, honestly. They "make" the costume.

Someone did point out the pixie boots out to Tyroc, and got the following reaction


Ever wonder how young Clark was able to afford the raw materials for his Superboy Robots?

“What the heck is this? Girl, I told you that if Karate Kid wants a go, you charge him like any other john!”

Can you imagine being pimp-slapped by a Kryptonian?

Ultra Boy can.

Oh that does not look like fun.

Still, that what you get for holding out on Super-Pimp!

It’s a DC Thing, I Think.

I’ve read a lot of DC for this blog, and a lot of Marvel.

All the stuff I find seems to cross companies pretty well.

Except for one thing, which appears to be uniquely DC's kink:


Superman does it (both as the spanker and the spankee), Batman does it… heck even Etta Candy gets in on it!

But I think The Creeper spanking some random back alley punk takes it to a whole new level.

Can’t you just imagine the next panel?

“Thanks kid. Here’s your cash. Same time tomorrow, right?”